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May 5, 2017

April 2017 Newsletter

The Giglio Society of East Harlem Newsletter for April 2017. Click here to read our latest news for the past month.

The East Harlem Giglio Newsletter

Greetings and welcome to the first newsletter of
the East Harlem Giglio Society!

We are happy to be bringing you this email newsletter, which will contain society news, upcoming events, photos, member milestones, history of our beloved feast & neighborhood and some fun stories as well.

We hope you enjoy it!

Tradition Since 1908!

Upcoming Dates and Events:

May 31st:
Journal Book Submissions due!
Get your Journal Page in so that you can be featured in our published book and on our website.

June 9th 7:30 pm:
St Anthony Dinner

Fratelli’s Restaurant
2507 Eastchester Rd, Bronx, NY

June 21st-25th:
San Paolino Giglio Feast

Franklin Square, NY
Kids Lift – June 23rd 7:30pm
Giglio Saturday – June 24th

July 8th – 2:00 pm:
East Harlem Giglio Fishing Trip

Babylon, NY

August 10-13th:
East Harlem Giglio Feast

Pleasant Ave 114 -116 street
Giglio Sunday
– August 13th

Inside This Issue:


What’s New?


This Year’s 2017 Capo Paranza


Our First Capo Paranza


Journal Book


St. Anthony Dinner


Giglio Family News


Fun Facts & Our “Unofficial” Poll





Giglio News

We have recently updated our website.
We welcome all members, friends and family to check it out!
You now have the option of paying your membership dues online via credit card.
Once you pay your membership dues, your 2017 membership shirt and raffle book will be mailed to you. You will not have to come in person to pick up your membership kit. Take advantage of this option if you wish.

The East Harlem Giglio Fishing Trip is being finalized. Details will be announced shortly. SAVE THE DATE! July 8th, 2-6pm. Space is limited.

Any Questions call: (718) 831-6665
Or email us at:

The Giglio Society of
East Harlem

2017 #1 Capo Paranza

Frankie Bracco

Our First Capo Paranza

Gioacchino Vivolo

Gioacchino Vivolo is credited for being the first Capo Paranza on 106th Street.
He along with his brother Rocco Vivolo were members of the Bruscianese Society and were influential in bringing this tradition to East Harlem from Brusciano, Italy.

Our 2015 Journal Book is now online!
You can now view the Journal Book online. Check out the pictures, ads, messages, announcements and memorials. The Journal Book is a great way to show your Giglio Pride

We are currently accepting

2017 Journal Book Submissions

Each year The Giglio Society of East Harlem relies on the support or our neighborhood, families and friends to ensure that our Feast continues for generations to come. As in the past, we will be comprising a Journal Book with different types of ads such as Business Ads, Advertisements, Commemorative Ads and Ads in Memory of loved ones.

You can upload or mail us pictures, a business card, your logo, a promo piece or just a written message along with your ad form and payment.

Click the below link to either submit your Journal Book submission online, or to download the form and mail it in!

You can contact Mitch Farbman for any questions or
Journal Book assistance

*All Journal Book Submissions are due May 31st *

Giglio Family
  • Congratulations to Victoria, daughter of Roseann Allebrande and niece to Michelle, on receiving the Cardinal Egan Scholarship Award!
  • Our Very Own Matty Giuliano Took home third place at Dearbon Markets Meatball contest in Monmouth NJ.
  • Happy First Birthday to Little Johnny Z! A future Capo Paranza!
  • The East Harlem Giglio donated over 100 toys to the Marine Toys for Tots at Christmas. Thank you to all of our members who found it in their hearts to help those less fortunate.
Please keep the family and friends of the recently departed in your prayers
Rosa Marrone
Frankie Pellegrino
May St Anthony bless them

St. Anthony Dinner
Please join us:

June 9th

7:30pm at

Fratelli’s Restaurant,

2507 Eastchester Ave Bronx, NY
to celebrate the feast-day of our Patron Saint Anthony.
The menu will include Appetizers, Pasta, Choice of Entree, Dessert, Beer, Wine & Soda.
There will be Music, Dancing, Raffles, Giveaways, and Special Surprises!
This will be a terrific time, and a fun way to support your society. It’s surely not to be missed!
$60 per person.
Click below link to purchase your tickets or for more information!

10 Interesting Facts About Italy
1. Nobody really knows where Italy got its name.
Italy comes from a root word that means “land of young cattle”. Historians speculate that it might be named this because a bull was the symbol of early Southern Italian tribes but some believe that it comes from the name Italus, an early king of the region.2. Italy is the fourth most populated place in Europe, mostly because of high birth rates and low death rates.
Italy is about the size of Arizona, but the population of Italy is about ten times the population of the state, with approximately 60 million people living in Italy as opposed to 6 million in Arizona. Approximately 320 people live in every square mile in Italy.3. Rome, Italy is home to hundreds of fountains, with the oldest being the Trevi Fountain.
Rome has 50 large fountains and a great many small ones, not including the ‘nasoni’, which are small waterspouts used by pedestrians. The Trevi Fountain is more than eighty-six feet high, and comes from an aqueduct originally built in 19 B.C. The fountain was built by Pope Urban VIII in the mid 1600’s. A popular legend states that visitors who throw a coin into the Trevi fountain are assured of a return visit to Rome. The coins are collected weekly; Italian coins go to help pay for upkeep of the fountain, and foreign coins are donated to the Red Cross.4. Italy stands on a fault line.
Italy is plagued by earthquakes because of this; also, three volcanoes have erupted there in the last one hundred years – Etna, Stromboli, and Vesuvius.
Mount Vesuvious Italy5. Italy is home to the highest mountain in Europe.
It is called Mont Blanc (or White Mountain in English) and it is part of the Alps mountain range. It is in Italy, on the border of France.6. More than 50 million tourists visit Italy each year.
Tourism is an important part of Italy’s gross national product; more than 60% of the country’s income comes from tourist dollars spent there.7. Soccer is the most popular organized sport in Italy.
Italians are rabid soccer fans; they are known as tifosi, which means typhus carriers. It’s a national pastime, and Italians are highly passionate about the game.8. Christmas is the biggest holiday of the year in Italy.
Christmas season is much longer, too: Christmas dinner is usually on Christmas Eve, and the season lasts until January 6th (until the Epiphany, or the date generally believed to have been when the three Wise Men found the manger of Jesus).9. Pasta wasn’t eaten with tomato sauce until the 1600’s in Italy.
Until then, it was generally eaten with honey and sugar. Today, there are more than 500 varieties of pasta eaten in Italy.10. Musical notations are always in Italian.
Allegro, Adagio…these are Italian words to indicate tempo, and came about because an Italian named Guido d’Arezzo came up with a system for modern-day musical notation.

Results of our “Unofficial” Poll

Top 5 Boys and Girls names according to our poll on Facebook

  1. Anthony
  2. Vincent
  3. Domenic
  4. Joseph
  5. Salvatore

  1. Giana
  2. Carmela
  3. Sophia
  4. Francesca
  5. Valentina

Please Patronize These Businesses That Support Our Society

Fratelli’s Italian Restaurant
Fratelli’s on FaceBook
Modern Fruit, Bronx NY –
Modern-Fruit .com
Angela’s Floral Gallery

La Bella Essentials Beauty Products –’s

American Floral

Rizzo’s Pizza –
Patricia’s of Tremont –
Grotta Azzurra
Seashore Restaurant and 4101 Wines and Liquors –
Barinos Market –

Thank you to all members, friends, family, neighbors and supporters.

The Feast and our Society would not exist without each and everyone of you.
We hope you enjoyed our first newsletter!

If you have any news, events, or would like to be featured in our newsletter,
please email us at info@EastHarlemGiglio.Org

Copyright © *2017* *East Harlem Giglio Society*, All rights reserved.
*We are a qualified 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt organization *Call Us at: (718) 831-6665
Mailing Address: East Harlem Giglio Society
P.O. Box 1025, Throgs Neck Station – Bronx, NY 10465


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