2017 Feast

August 10, 2017

Brusciano 142nd Gigli’s Feast. The Greeting to the St. Anthony’s Giglio Feast in New York East Harlem

Written by Antonio Castaldo

Municipality of Brusciano, Gigli Societies, civil and religious associations, they are preparing for the next Gigli’s Feast in Honor of St. Anthony of Padua with the thought directed to Italian Americans of New York that on Sunday, August 13th , will dance the Giglio of St. Anthony in East Harlem.

On Youtube you can find the documentary produced by Antonio Castaldo, sociologist of IESUS European Institute of Human and Social Sciences, about the “Giglio Feast in New York, July 2003”:

It was posted by Phil Bruno in N. Y. U. S.

The Mayor of Brusciano, Giosy Romano, and the City Councilor, Antonio Di Palma, have signed the congratulations to the Italian Americans who will have their “Giglio Dance” for this weekend in New York US. This message was sent through the contacts of Antonio Castaldo, spokesman of the “Giglio Society of East Harlem” who said: «They finished preparing the annual celebration. The “Giglio Dance of St. Anthony “, was imported by immigrants from Brusciano to the “Little Italy” of East Harlem, 106th and 108th Street 100 years ago. Currently the site is Pleasant Avenue 114th -116th Street in New York, and the period is from 10 to 13 August 2017. In the historical memory of that community, among the many protagonists of this tradition implanted in the New World, on the Bruscianese front, we find people like the founder Rocco Vivolo and the unforgettable leaders, Capiparanza, Gioacchino Vivolo, Angelo Granata and Tony Cappola. They died. The Tradition goes on.

Below is the text sent by Municipality of Brusciano to all the members and to the Board of Directors of Giglio Society EHNY, Mitchell Farbman and Phil Bruno, in the United States of America.

On Behalf of Municipal Administration, City Council and People of Brusciano;

Sharing this tradition that the Ancestors brought to New York from Brusciano leaving Italy for USA with the hope of a new better life with the Help of Saint Anthony of Padua;

Since 100 years celebrating The Feast and The Giglio Dance still praying and thanksgiving Saint Anthony in the annual Feast, on Pleasant Avenue 114th -116th Street in New York, this year 10-13 August;

We send to the Giglio Society of East Harlem, Board of Directors, Frankie Bracco, Johnny “Z” Zangaglia, Frankie Uvenio Sr, Frankie Uvenio Jr, Dominic Rusello, Victor Dellacurti, Paul Dellicarpini, Mitch Farbman, Gerard Madio, Anthony Prisco, Phil Bruno, Nick Alleva, Anthony Repetti, Vincent Yanni;

With our Huge Bruscianese Heart we will be close to All Members of Giglio Society of East Harlem, Feast Committee, Organizers, Lifters, Families and Giglio Girls;
Here are Best Wishes and our Congratulations to Frankie Bracco Number 1 Capo Paranza, our Best Regards and Wishes, and the Fraternal Embrace to All Society EHNY from of All Brusciano.

The City Councilor – Antonio Di Palma
The Mayor – Giosy Romano

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