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July 23, 2018

Brusciano Brothers

The Giglio Society of East Harlem recently sent a box of shirts to the Giglio committee’s in Brusciano.

Above is a picture taken when the shirts were given to the leaders of each committee:
Left to Right
Vincenzo D’Amore – Giglio Passo Veloce (Fast Step Giglio)
Nicola Di Maio – President of the Brusciano Gigli feast
Luigi Vallefuocco – Giglio della Croce (Giglio of the Cross)
Guiseppe “Peppe” Montanile – Newly elected Mayor of Brusciano
Antonio Castaldo – Brusciano Sociologist
Antonio Ruggiero – Giglio Ortolano (Giglio of the Green Grocer)
Angelo Mocerino – Giglio della Gioventu’ (Giglio of the Youth)

We are truly honored to have this wonderful connection with the people and town that our feast originated from after 110 years.

Viva Brusciano
Viva East Harlem
Viva La Festa di Giglio
Viva Sant’ Antonio

Find the below Brusciano article written about our mutual societies!

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