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December 7, 2019

Brusciano – New York: Phil Bruno is # 1 Chief Paranza of Giglio in East Harlem 2020

The Giglio Society of East Harlem in New York announced via social media from the FB East Harlem Giglio page and from its website the investiture of Phil Bruno. Bruscianese family Italian-American, at ” # 1 Capo Paranza” for the Lily Festival of East Harlem 2020 ” The Giglio Society of East Harlem would like to announce the # 1 Chief Paranza for 2020: Phil Bruno! Phil is the grandson of the First # 1 Chief Paranza Gioacchino Vivolo! As the head of the Restoration Committee and the Association between our Giglio Society and the Giglio Societies in Brusciano, Italy ».

The sociologist and journalist Antonio Castaldo has been promoting international cultural exchange relationships between the gillating communities of Brusciano and East Harlem in New York for over fifteen years , in the aesthetic and religious sharing of Gigli and Sant’Antonio di Padova, as documented in his work ” The Lily Festival in New York 2003 ” posted on Youtube, expressed “the personal congratulations of the D’Amore, Castaldo, Di Falco and Livorno families, and of the Lilies of the Bruscano Community Associations, to Phil Bruno, descendant of Rocco Vivolo who was the initiator of the Lily Festival of the “Bruscianese Society ”In 1908 in East Harlem, New York. Also this year the Lily of East Harlem will be covered with the decoration produced in Brusciano by the “Bottega Artigianale di Carmine Sessa” on a project by the musician Fiore D’Amore, leader of Giglio Passo Veloce and commissioned by Phil Bruno and GSEHNY. The first time was in 2013, that this Giglio wore a Bruscian dress, and for six consecutive years, the one built at the “Youth Workshop of Brusciano”,. In both cases, the expedition by sea repeated the same route as the Statue of Saint Anthony of Padua, set up in the Church of S. Maria delle Grazie in Brusciano and sent to the USA in June 1925. From time to time, as it is happened in 2012, 2014 and 2017, the latter documented at this web address, Phil Bruno led the US delegation of GSEHNY to visit the Festa dei Gigli in Brusciano going over the way back to the places of origin of ancestors who left the country over 100 years without ever seeing it again. And so it will be a double Festa dei Gigli, for Brusciano and East Harlem, – concluded the sociologist Antonio Castaldo -for the satisfactions above represented and for the cabalistic accompaniment inherent in the year 2020, so composed 20/20, with the Neapolitan Smorfia that means the winds as “La Festa”. We will hear it frequently in the coming days from the numerous Christmas bouquets of family and groups of friends once extracted from the 90 numbers, so shouted: “Win, a ‘Festa!”. And then Greetings of Happy Holidays to all for the Christmas of Our Lord who is coming and for the Feasts of the Lilies for St. Anthony of Padua that Brusciano and New York are preparing for the summer of 2020″

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