6 13 Anthony

July 29, 2018

Greetings from Brusciano, The birthplace of our feast

From Antonio Castaldo, Brusciano, Naples, Italy

Bravo Phil Bruno. From Brusciano, Best Regards and Wishes for the coming Giglio Dance 2018 in East Harlem. Congratulation to Gerard Madio #1 Capo Capoparanza. Good Luck to all GSEH in New York, to Phil Bruno and all Lifters, friends and families. Many Greetings from all Brusciano, People and Gigli’s Societies.
Ciao Guagliu’ Aizate e’ Spalle: Cuonce Cuonce e Ghiettale!
Saint Anthony Bless You!
Antonio Castaldo and family and friends. Sociologist – Brusciano (Naples) Italy

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