Mtcarmel Restored

August 11, 2015

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel RESTORED

Annuntio Vobis Guadium Magnum

We Announce to You a Great Joy!

The Crowned Statue of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

(Crowned by order of Popes Leo XIII and St. Pius X in 1904)

Has been fully artistically restored, with a new garment

Our Lady will return to the Pontifical Shrine on

Saturday, October 17 at 1PM

The Statue will be on display after the services. Reception to follow.


Pontifical Shrine of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

448 East 116th Street.

New York, NY 10029

Information: (212) 534-0681 Facebook: Our Lady of Mt. Carmel – Pontifical Shrine


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