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August 7, 2019

Premio Sausage & Peppers Contest along with Al Sapienza of the Sopranos


Opening Night of the 2019 East Harlem Giglio Society, Thursday August 8th!!!

We hope you can join us on opening night for some amazing fun, food and entertainment!

Starting at 6pm, the 1st Annual Sausage & Peppers Hero Eating Contest, sponsored by Premio Sausage!

Who can eat the most sausage & peppers??? Will a professional eater win??? Or one of our own Giglio Boys!??! Come watch history!!

Following the Sausage & Peppers contest at 7:00pm will be an amazing concert by

Sopranos Star Al Sapienza & Deborah Rennard of the hit show Dallas!!

Come dance to the greatest hits of yesterday & today!!

We hope you all can join us for this amazing opening night!!!!



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