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Farewell Tony Cappola

Farewell Tony Cappola

We have lost a major part of our feast… Tony East Harlem Giglio legendary Capo Paranza has passed away at 95 yrs of age..Tony was truely a Giglio pillar since the 1940s building and designing the Giglio having learned the craft directly from the Bruscianese when they brought Giglio di San Antonio from Brusciano Italy. In addition wrote the music…still played to this day at area Giglio Feasts….. and as a Capo Paranza commanded countless Giglio lifts. For well over 2 generations Tony mentored many members and was always available for his good counsel. Tony Cappola will surely be missed by the Giglio community. Uncle Tony we will never forget you…Rest In Peace

Click Below to hear Tony Cappola’s Giglio Music!

Tony Cappola

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5 Responses to “Farewell Tony Cappola”

  1. Uncle Tony was a class act. All The Giglio Societies were blessed to have known him. He was always willing to share his knowledge/experiences of the Giglio for over seven decades. Master Builder, Giglio Composer of Songs, and #1 Capo he will long be remembered and honored as one of our lasting treasures. He always had a smile and made time for everyone. R.I.P. Tony. You were the Best!!

  2. Even though he was my uncle Tony, he was everybody’s uncle Tony, he truly loved each and every one of us, and was so proud of how we keep the giglio tradition alive, he would always tell me do it as long as you can. He would tell me everybody has to get along for this to be successful, help each other, that was uncle Tony always positive about the feast. The countless hours I spent with him over my lifetime I will never forget. He was a true gentleman, a war hero, a great father, great husband, he taught me much about how to treat people with respect, Respect that was a big word to uncle Tony, he gave it and he received it. Thank you all my Giglio brothers, my family for keeping uncle Tony in your heart always.

  3. When, I read the sad news on the facebook news feed, I prayed That God would comfort my extended family, and all those in my Father’s East Harlem, who knew and loved Tony! Michael Prisco (Uncle Mike’s Son)

  4. Tony Cappola was a true gentlemen from East Harlem who loved his beloved Sant’ Antonio and the various Giglio feast especially the Giglio feast on 106th and 108th street. He was always available to lend a hand in anything he had to do to make the feast successful whether it was building, constructing faces, writing and composing music, commanding the Giglio etc. Although he was much younger Tony was a good friend with my grandfather Gioacchino Vivolo the 1st capo Paranza of the Bruscianese Society of 106th street along with many other Paisan’s who were involved with the feast and lived in East Harlem. Those old timers lived for the day the feast would return every year! He was well respected by one and all because he who Give’s respect Get’s respect. I’ve known Uncle Tony all my life. He was close friends with my family. I can honestly say that he was a role model to me. The Giglio community has lost another legend. R.I.P. Uncle Tony!

  5. Sunday 11th May 2014, in Brusciano, Italy
    This morning during the presentation
    of the Flag of Giglio Gioventù
    at the opening of the traditional “Questua”
    preparing next “Festa dei Gigli”
    there was also a salute for You All
    of Giglio Society E.H. N.Y.
    and a thought to the Memory of Tony Cappola.
    A big applause was done by the People of Brusciano
    a tribute to the common Dance of Giglio
    in Honour of St. Anthony of Padua
    in Brusciano and in USA.

    Sincerely, with a fraternal embrace.
    Antonio Castaldo
    Antonio Di Palma
    Chief Angelo Mocerino
    All Brothers of Giglio Gioventù Brusciano
    The Mayor Adv. Giosy Romano
    and the whole town of Brusciano.

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