2023 Giglio Boys Shirt

July 6, 2023

2023 East Harlem Giglio Memberships

2023 Girls Shirt Finale Jpg


The East Harlem Giglio Memberships are being shipped out! Have you signed up for this year’s membership??

Each member receives their newly designed 2023 Member Shirt, handkerchief, and raffle book of 5 raffles to win a FREE dinner for 4 to the world famous RAO’S Restaurant! You can sell the raffles if you wish to offset the cost of your membership, or you can just keep them for yourself! Please return all raffle stubs to us at our Giglio Tent any time during the Feast! Your membership pack will be mailed directly to you!

In addition, member names will be added to our Giglio Membership Banner on Pleasant Ave as well as our website! All members and family are welcome to our Member and Family BBQ on Saturday August 5th on Pleasant ave. Come have some amazing bbq, Italian Food, drinks, desert and listen to some music, all under our 2023 beautiful Giglio!!! As well as some great company!! Members attending the annual Saint Anthony Procession will receive their brown St Anthony shirt to wear during our procession on Saturday August 12 (shirts available at procession). After the last lift on Giglio Sunday August 13, we invite all members to our After Lift Sunday Italian Dinner, and celebrate another year of keeping our 114 year old tradition alive with amazing food, company and the Giglio band!

Membership has its privileges!  Join an amazing society, with great people, and help continue the tradition for another 114 years!

Click here and sign up today!!!   https://www.eastharlemgiglio.org/membership/


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