Our Past #1 Capos

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Updated: July 11, 2023

Erin Zangaglia
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The Number 1 Capos of East Harlem

The #1 Capo is the key on Giglio Sunday!

The person chosen to be the #1 Capo Paranza for the year, is picked out of their devotion and year’s of service to the East Harlem Giglio Feast. This is a great honor and much responsibility falls on the #1 Capo’s shoulders during the feast and preparation.

The #1 is in charge of the whole day dishing out all the lifts to whomever he feels deserves one. In the Giglio world it is a prestigious position! The #1 Capo of the year gives the cane to the people he believes deserve the honor of having a lift.

In the past, the position of #1 Capo was one that lasted many years until the passing of the cane to whomever took the mantle.
Our first #1 Capo was Giaocchino Vivolo whom founded the East Harlem Giglio Feast. Giaocchino is the grandfather of current board member Capo Phil Bruno!

In 2011 a decision was made to go on a yearly rotation, determined by board membership. 

Below find  our past #1 Capos throughout the years.